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An expanse of land or water

an expanse of land or water

Type of: space an empty area (usually bounded wind through the keyhole in some way between things) n a wide scope, synonyms: sweep, type of: ambit, compass, orbit, range, reach, scope an area in which something real player plus serial acts or operates or has power or control: "the range of a supersonic.
Examples from the Corpus expanse The Pequod moves softly through the blue expanse.
Expansion ; extension: the wide expanse of scientific knowledge.An expanse is a huge area you can look at all at once.The expansion of metals.Flade vidde étendue largeur víîátta distesa espansione espansivo superficie allargamento flate vid flate vidde geni alan expanse kspæns, n extensión f ; of wings envergadura f expanse kspæns norton ghost 15.0 key generator n étendue f expanse kspæns n distesa, estensione f expand (ikspand) verb to make or grow larger;.Storm Over Warlock Andre Norton The grass was like an expanse of gold, and below her the valley swam in golden mist.Times, Sunday Times (2008) Huge monochrome landscapes that portray the stretching expanses of the sea that sweeps up the north Norfolk coast.Metals expand when heated; He does exercises to expand his chest; The school's activities have been expanded to include climbing and mountaineering.
Times, Sunday Times (2010) Large expanses of wall and items of furniture are getting a sunshine makeover.
Solar highways use the vast expanse of quiet roads that are exposed to sunlight most of the day.Acreage, land area an area of ground used for some particular purpose (such as building or farming) footprint the area taken up by some object erasure a surface area where something has been erased blank space, place, space a blank area space one of the.An uninterrupted space or area; a wide extent of anything: an expanse of water.Heidi Johanna Spyri British Dictionary definitions for expanse /kspæns/ noun.Times, Sunday Times (2007)I love that sense of an endless expanse of sea, so restful.Times, Sunday Times (2010)The better the view of hills and expanses of sky, the more you pay.See more synonyms on m noun.Times, Sunday Times (2016)This grass is most effective planted in blocks or large expanses - and is particularly successful in combination with one or two other plants.