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Angry birds hoth update

angry birds hoth update

Its a free update, so if you already have the game, its certainly worth checking out.
The game-play features the iconic AT-AT walkers, with a Piggy-style makeover.We will be updating our list as soon as we can.Only a partial release, with the remaining 20 levels being distributed in backup plus for mac windows future update(s).The Princess Leia bird can shoot lasers from her eyes in mid-flight.Let the battle begin!The 29 November update also adds two new bonus levels.In between, a version for Windows Phone 7 also came out that app lacked Xbox Live features.Yep, you heard me correctly.I will admit, I am a little claddagh ring discount code upset that no one has been shoved into a gutted Tauntuan in the new Hoth update, but oh well.Of course, Hoth is an essential locale for any Star Wars themed title, so its only natural that it was just added to the latest Angry Birds.
Indeed, Angry Birds Star Wars is not yet complete with presumably the Return of the Jedi level coming sometime in the near future.8209 participants, well, now its available to download in the Google Play store.Most notably in this update is the infamous asteroid field that was featured in the movie, where the gang had to navigate their way through the whole mess.Think you can take on the best?Need help on with Golden Droids or the Star Bonus Levels?What do you think?The Leia bird shoots lasers -Superman style- at the evil little Stormtrooper piggies.The video doesnt show us a lot of the new update, so if you really want to find out what youll be getting yourself into, we suggest firing up the game and checking out the new levels.The mynock pigs are especially cute, and navigating the asteroid field is definitely a new experience that we find both challenging and exciting.