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Black ops 2 patch 3

black ops 2 patch 3

Fix for freeze when unlocking Death From Above achievement.
Players using Ghost and a Suppressor attachment will no longer appear on the enemys minimap while shooting and moving while a UAV.
KAP-40: reduced headshot multiplier from.4 to 1 Zombies Changes: Fix for Reviving text remains on screen during scoreboard after game ends Fix for Mystery Box beacon disappearing after host migration Fixes for players getting inside of or clipping into objects in all ZM maps.Players will not be able to manually take control of their AGR if they die at the exact moment that their AGR deploys.Earlier today, Treyarch released patch version.03 for the PS3 which is supposed to alleviate some of the problems.Improved overall communication of Double XP when enabled.Fix for incorrectly being able to purchase an 11th Create a Class slot.Players with Black Hat PDA can no longer hack a Care Package faster than the owner can capture.More on Call of Duty: Black Ops.Collision and clipping fixes on all maps.Added voice chat volume controls, coDTV video playback improvemnts, fixes for out of sync audio issues in rendered videos Fixes for rendered clips stellar phoenix photo recovery 5.0 keygen showing the wrong length on Fixes with "Hacked" items not targeting the correct team Shadows seen through sniper scopes now render.
Party Privacy count no longer affects how many bots will spawn in Combat Training.
Drop Shot medal is no longer awarded after standing back.Added the ability to View Playercard from League solo leaderboards.Added SFX to sliders in options menu Fix for knife lunge not working when a gamepad is connected Improved dakar rally game tpb film rendering stability and made progression bar more accurate while rendering a film.Concussion Grenade: decreased movement penalty and turn speed penalty when hit.Fix for players not dying when falling from extreme distances after purchasing juggernog in survival modes.Fix for txaa not disabling when an unsupported card is detected.Improvements to ambient occlusion, increased Friends list limit to 300.Improved CoDTV sort filters for browsing content Players can now render films in addition to clips Removed incorrect SFX for placing from party games Fixes for issues with codtv images not loading in Bots no longer count towards the party size limit in Custom Games.If you have patch.03, let us know what you think of it in the comments section below.