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Borderlands 2 save game editor xbox

borderlands 2 save game editor xbox

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And finally, start up Borderlands 2, plug your thumbstick in, business startup ideas 2014 and choose the getdataback for ntfs 4.21 crack save from.
With it you can edit the skills, add weapons, currency and stuff you cannot have in your inventory like Eridum (actually in the inventory not in the Eridum section).In Modio.0 : Right-click on the v file and choose 'Add file'.Once you've got the thumbdrive setup, and you have the save you want to edit on it, plug the thumbdrive into your PC then open up Modio/Horizon (or have the program open then plug in, do whatever you want) (while writing this, i updated.You know, just incase.Then (if theres only the one save, from one user) click on the box with the long string of numbers.Any step by step walk through would be great thanks guys, there's a number of tutorial vids on for this. .Do i need a special FLashdrive?I am having trouble going from my computer (a PC if it makes a difference) to my xbox.In Horizon : If you already have the thumbdrive plugged in, the 'Device Explorer' should already be sticking out from the right-hand side of the window.Lastly, click on 'Save Changes'.
Click the tab labled 'Contents' to see the actual v file.
Create a folder and place all of the contents.Not sure how all the features work, but the format is easy to understand and read for the most part.Rehash and resign your save.You Can Donate to the Original Author by Clicking.Click 'Yes' to overwrite the old save, then click 'Done'.This can be done by placing the v into Horizon and clicking 'contents'.What can this mod: Level, money, eridium, skillpoints, backpack Capacity, inventory Item Levels.After finding your save file, click the drop-down just above the Open button, and choose 'X360 save file then click Open.