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Bullet damage plugin cs

bullet damage plugin cs

ConnorMcLeod Fun Stuff GasNades (aka smokegrenades make.
VEN Gameplay All T's Get a Bomb Kensai Gameplay Dropped Bomb Defuse.3.1 VEN Gameplay Soccer Jam.07a OneEyed Gameplay FrostNades XxAvalanchexX Fun Stuff Auto Round Restart autorr -.
Amx_disarm - removes all weapons from a player amx_bury - burys a player in the ground, drops all his weapons amx_unbury - unbury a player amx_gag - prevents player from speaking amx_ungag - ungag a player amx_smack - slaps a player multiple times amx_blind.
Texnux Fun Stuff Faulty Grenades Texnux Fun Stuff DeathrunManager by TeddyDesTodes TeddyDesTodes Fun Stuff No Knife Showoff MPNumB Technical/Development Damage mode Texnux Gameplay Instant AutoTeamBalance ConnorMcLeod Server Management Speedometer AcidoX Statistical New round super powers.6 FakeNick Fun Stuff PunkServer Easy Mix - rewriten OffspringBR.Tuty Fun Stuff Push The Button rufee Gameplay DeathRun Lock Buttons ConnorMcLeod Server Management Pistol Rounds thatguyzp Gameplay Buy Zoom.2.4 fezh Fun Stuff Damage amp; Death Effect.3.3.DA Gameplay CS subtitles game of thrones season 2 episode 4 Items.0/1.3 - 02/13/2010 JoshGomez Fun Stuff Tasks Scherzo Fun Stuff Stackable Armor.0 uk truck simulator game v3x Gameplay Weapon Chance by Exolent ExolentjNr Fun Stuff Call Medic for CS (v0.7 07/14/08) Grinf4ce Fun Stuff Sniper Charge XxAvalanchexX Gameplay Advanced Bullet Time.0 rkapl Fun.EKS Fun Stuff Feign (fake) Death amp; Lag (KR.Hostage touched, hostage rescued, hostage killed (with punishment headshots (multiple messages).Johnny got his gun Server Management Capture the Awp genesis Fun Stuff Mp5M203 Replacement PaintLancer Fun Stuff CSX TK Manager SidLuke Server Management sqlstats ripcurl2 Statistical Climbtimer Top15 Isobold General Purpose Sentry guns Johnny got his gun Fun Stuff End Round Sounds PaintLancer Event Related.
Plugin_gore This plugin adds extra gore effects.
ConnorMcLeod Gameplay Damage Control(2009 Mar 15) fxfighter Gameplay cs_assault camera fix and breaka.Players freeze each other with their knives.VEN Fun Stuff No Cross Mid GHW_Chronic General Purpose Restrict Commands rc -.1.(For Day of Defeat only) plugin_slash This plugin allows bomberman classic pc game admins to execute amx commands using 'say' and a slash.Good KDR Pistol Onl.Ds811888 Fun Stuff Realistic Defuse.4 Alucard Gameplay Kevlar Pickup Fix xPaw General Purpose Free Equips (Version.1) wilson409 Fun Stuff Block Wallhack v8 CS amp; CZ ot_207 General Purpose Domination.0 ot_207 Gameplay Knife Management.3 by Jon Jon Gameplay Swap team spawns Hunter-Digital.Knife kills (multiple messages grenade kills (multiple messages grenade suicides.Shine771 General Purpose Kill assist (for CS) Hunter-Digital Gameplay Icons Color Changer.1 xPaw Event Related Spectator Camera Multiply Fun Stuff Free Defuser Kit tuty Fun Stuff Anti Infection Armor biohazard Emilioneri Gameplay Sniper Skill Bonus.1 biscuit628 Fun Stuff C4man with fun.2 biscuit628.