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Cbse class 9 science lab manual

cbse class 9 science lab manual

It also envisages developing problem-solving skills.
Ion exchange resin (RS03H) is changed to RNa on treatment with NaCl.
Saline hydrides are known to react with water violently producing fire.Answer: (a) High aH value of dihydrogen and less negative value of eg H of hydrogen do not favour to exhibit highest oxidation state of P and consequently the formation of PH5, although P exhibit 3, 5 oxidation states.What is the use of hydrogen in the manufacture of Vanaspati Ghee?These skills help the learner to acquire ability to identify a problem, to design and to set up the experiment, to collect and analyse data through experiment, and to interpret data to arrive at plausible solution in due course of time.This type of hydrides are formed by d and /block elements.Place a permanent slide or a slide with an object mounted on it on the stage.Answer: 11H does not have neutron.Questions at the end of each experiment may be dealt with meticulously and must be discussed with peers and teachers to arrive at appropriate and convincing answers.The hydride is KH and it is ionic in nature.Calculate the volume strength of a 3 solution of H2O2 Answer: 100 ml of H2O2 solution contain H2O2.
Answer: H2O2(l) - H2O(l) O(g) Nascent oxygen produced is responsible for bleaching action.
Answer: (i) BeH2 TiH2 CaH2 (ii) LiH NaH CsH (iii) FF HH DD (iv) H2O MgH2 NaH Question.
They are likely to accept electrons to become stable.What are interstitial hydrides?(ii) Because of the presence of Ca2 and Mg2 ions in hard water which exchange with Na ions of the soap to form corresponding calcium and magnesium salts that form insoluble ppt.Clean the stage properly before placing the slide.How does the atomic hydrogen or oxy-hydrogen torch function for cutting and welding purposes?(iii) H-H, DD and FF in order of increasing bond dissociation enthalpy.At the end of every experiment some thought provoking questions are also included.Answer: In kamen rider agito psx games diatomic form, the K-shell of hydrogen is complete (1s2) and so it is quite stable.Answer: (i) Electron deficient hydrides: Compounds in which central atom has incomplete octet, are called electron deficient hydrides.What characteristics do you expect from an electron-deficient hydride with respect to its structure and chemical reaction?