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Clean disk space ubuntu 12.04

clean disk space ubuntu 12.04

Brief: Running out of space on your Linux system?
Over time, this cache can grow quite large and hold a lot of packages you dont need.
It also removes old Linux kernels that were installed from automatically in the system upgrade.
Over time, the number of thumbnails would increase dramatically.But this package has a dependency on the library mylib.This option removes libs and packages that were installed automatically to satisfy the dependencies of an installed package.Step 2: Update /etc/passwd file replacing 'home' with 'mounteddevice/home'.Use the tab key to get to the ok button.Uninstalling unnecessary applications We all have a few games and/or applications that we hardly use.About apt-get autoremove: This command cleans up packages that were installed as dependencies to packages that are no longer installed.
Original Disk Usage: [email protected]: df, filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use Mounted on /dev/root /.Remembering all the commands or using them all one by one may not be convenient for you.Disk Utility is the default users have been looking for alternatives.Now, the command listed in point 1 removes such orphaned packages.You can read this article to know how to use Stacer in Ubuntu.On Ubuntu and Ubuntu mate.I experienced same kind of problem and could move the /home partition to some mounted device in 2-steps after logging in as root(On 'Ubuntu.04.1 LTS' server).Move this to the Open the dash and search for Startup Disk Creator.