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Compare two columns in excel and remove duplicates

compare two columns in excel and remove duplicates

I have an excel file with 10,000 rows in column A some values are the same.
If a match is found between the two columns, CompareColumns returns telecharger windows xp familial sp2 gratuit a key that directs you to the matching item.
Therefore, the first value in the key will correspond to the row in the longer metin2 adventure public hack v.1.5 list.
End If, range(strColResults iListStart strColResults _ x(iLastRow1, iLastRow2).Clear strTemp " if iLastRow2 iLastRow1 Then 'switch the order strTemp strCol1 strCol1 strCol2 strCol2 strTemp strTemp " ".So basically column B checks to see if it can find the same value anywhere in column A, if true highlight the cell leaving any cells white when the value is not found in column.Wellsr PRO Coming Fall 2017 The new best way to learn VBA Absolutely free when you join the waitlist Tell Me More About Ryan Wells Ryan Wells is a Nuclear Engineer and professional VBA Developer.Dim iLastRow1 As Integer, iLastRow2 As Integer '-Edit these variables-' strCol1 "A" strCol2 "C" strColResults "B" iListStart 2 ' ' iLastRow1 ActiveSheet.Subscribe to my email list for more great VBA content.IListStart the integer row where your list begins.I want the program to compare the list with unique file names to the list with directories and file names.Its important to know CompareColumns always compares the long column to the short column.You want to compare the columns but they are different lengths.The macro performs a case-insensitive search.You can simply split the key integers and use them later.
It also returns a key that points you to the matching partner.A4 - P8746, a5 - P9435 etc.He is the lead developer of several VBA applications, including PDF VBA - a leading Excel Add-in for exporting Excel Objects, like charts and tables, to PDFs.Range(strCol1 "50000.End(xlUp).Row iLastRow2 ActiveSheet.Find differences between two Excel columns.