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Crib mattress reviews 2012 consumer reports

crib mattress reviews 2012 consumer reports

Pediatrics 2003;111(6 Pt 1 e683-92.
First aid/CPR Parents and caregivers should be encouraged to take CPR and choking first aid (infant/child CPR) courses, offered by local Heart and Stroke Foundation offices (1-888-HSF-info.In general, infants should be dressed appropriately for the environment, with no photo viewer windows 8 app road less traveled book greater than 1 layer more than an adult would wear to be comfortable in that environment.All state regulatory agencies should require that child care providers receive education on safe infant sleep and implement safe sleep practices.As defined by epidemiologists, risk refers to the probability that an outcome will occur given the presence of a particular factor or set of factors.Prevention of choking, strangulation, and suffocation in childhood.Sitting devices, such as car seats, strollers, swings, infant carriers, and infant slings, are not recommended for routine sleep in the hospital or at home, particularly for young infants.
General patterns in mechanical suffocation differ by age.
Recommendations Research and surveillance Data regarding the circumstances of fatal and near-miss choking and suffocation incidents are essential for identifying new hazards as well as for monitoring the effectiveness of existing or future regulatory and educational strategies.Nakamura has documented a variety of potentially fatal hazards associated with adult beds, including wedging between the mattress and wall, entrapment between the mattress and bed frame or adjacent furniture, strangulation between bed railings and suffocation on waterbeds.The crib mattress should be firm and tight-fitting.Nakamura SW, Pollack-Nelson C, Chidekel.There is insufficient evidence that finger sucking is protective against sids.Grenier D, Leduc.