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Cut the rope game for windows 7

cut the rope game for windows 7

Only then will you earn the affection of your pet.
Dont let that happen!
They have a taste for sugar as well and will crawl along the ropes you swing the candy from to get.Not even Om Nom will eat off the floor.There is a lot of fun and quirky physics-based gameplay to be had, the puzzles are challenging yet still intuitive, and the controls are highly immersive.Most of all, everything is wrapped up with whimsical cartoon visuals, and Om Nom is just too cute for anyone to resist!Om Nom is fond of delicious candies.What does it contain?Move the candy into the three stars that are scattered around the level to improve your rating.Reach for the Stars!Solve intricate puzzles and cut the rope so that Om Nom can catch the candy!Every level is riddled with all sorts of hazards.An adorable little monster named Om Nom of course!
Just to save your time, there is only 2 levels in this free version, so don't expect all the levels.Beware of the spiders.Take him with you on the mobile device of your choice and cut the ropes today!Release the candy from its bindings, swing it from string to string, throw it in the air, and bring it straight to Om Nom.Every level is assigned a grade based on stars.Cut the ropes before they get that chance.Swing and cut the ropes when the time is right to bring the candy one step closer to Om Nom.In Cut the Rope, a delightfully engaging puzzle game, youll meet an adorable green monster Om Nom.If a bubble floats off the screen with your candy in tow, then it will be lost forever.Keep your wits about you, and youll be rewarded galaxy s duos games with a very happy monster.