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Digimon data squad game for nds

digimon data squad game for nds

Bio-Hybrids (27-33 Kurata's henchmen that each have the ability to transform into a Digimon.
Some of them were killed by Gizumon, but it is unknown if the rest of them survived.
Plus great forums, game help and a special question and.
Kurata gained the support of the Japanese government and important businessmen like Thomas' father on his plan to destroy all Digimon in the Digital World, claiming they were a threat to mankind.The game, released in America before the concept of Data Squad, uses the original Japanese names of the dats team, who appear in certain quests.Question List Digimon World Data Squad Answers for PlayStation, Welcome to GameFAQs Answers for Digimon World Data Squad.Kagura shows the team a Digivice iC of his own creation, and uses it to infuse Lucemon with his own Digisoul Charge, fully awakening the Great Demon Lord Digimon.Yoshino reveals to Kagura that Kosaburo interfered with her past missions when it came to the info of the Sloth Code Key.He disappears as Kagura prepars an immediate evac for the dats members to bring the girl back.In the original Japanese, he speaks in broken Japanese.They defeat Belphemon and a boy is rescued from some of Belphemon's data with the Sloth Code Key in his possession.
They were all defeated by ShineGreymon, MirageGaogamon, and Rosemon.
Baromon (30-33 The mayor of the Sacred City.
Royal Knights (39-48 King Drasil's followers.They also find a silent cool girl who had the Code Key of Envy.After Belphemon's defeat, Kurata's last act was triggering a bomb which collapsed the frontier between the Human and Digital Worlds, putting both en route on collision, which could have led to the destruction of both realms, and the evil scientist was vaporized by the light.Pumpkinmon (29 Baromon's assistants.As the series progresses, he finds much more to fight for.Digimon Adventure, including director, jeff Nimoy, returned to work on, data Squad.Yoshi has joined the police with the remaining dats members, and Marcus and Agumon have become peacekeepers in the Digital World, breaking up fighting between rival Digimon factions as seen when stopping an argument between a group of Goblimon and Shamanmon.Mirage Museum : The fourth area is a large, abandoned museum, where the dats team is sent to investigate the appearance of the Mao Digimon Barbamon.Despite this, he transfers the two Code Keys, Sloth and Greed, to his client.References edit the best strategy games " THE movie".