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Dora the explorer candyland game

dora the explorer candyland game

The backgound story of this game horoscope 2015 aries september is that gingersnap boy Jib, lollipop princess and.
And you should ignore the option no backward moves.
It includes altogether six kinds: classify apples based on size, house chocolate filling, identify the kocking order based on your memory, find out animal, arrange letter bridge and keeping you a secret book add colors.
To break through the first pass, you should click the card on the left downside.You can play this game by starting the little Dora book at the lower left corner.At first, you sould choose only one character in order to be familiar with the game.So you need to modify the folder properties to see (Tools - Folder Properties - View - Advanced settings inside).This game can be played by two to four players.Fresh colors, lovely cartoon characters and easy operation methods are likely to make children like.
It is easy to finish this pass.The letter will fall down if it saids that you will find the letter.In this pass, you have to recognize the correct letters according to the sound and then click the corresponding letters.What you need to do is to step onto that block with this color, of course, it should be the nearest one.Back to the Dora the Explorer games page ยป.This game can help your children learn knowledge in an unconscious way.