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Dota 2 lan patch

dota 2 lan patch

Undying: Fixed Tombstone interaction with Refresher Orb.
Added an interface setting to prevent the camera from moving upon respawn.
Broodmother: Fixed Spiderling passive proccing on magic immune units (like zombies) and spawning mass spiderlings.Spiritbreaker: Fixed Greaterbash affecting Magic Immune units when procced via other abilities.Screenshots of Templar Assassin: Dota 2 Patch Notes wrath of the lich king game 07/13/2012: spoiler, added Templar Assassin!HeroAll HeroesAbaddonAlchemistAncient ApparitionAnti-MageArc WarrunnerChaos MaidenDark SeerDazzleDeath ProphetDisruptorDoomDragon KnightDrow RangerEarth SpiritEarthshakerElder TitanEmber of the LightKunkkaLegion KingMorphlingNaga SirenNature's ProphetNecrophosNight StalkerNyx AssassinOgre MagiOmniknightOracleOutworld DevourerPhantom AssassinPhantom of PainRazorRikiRubickSand KingShadow DemonShadow FiendShadow ShamanSilencerSkywrath BreakerStorm SpiritSvenTechiesTemplar ProtectorTroll WyvernWitch DoctorWraith KingZeus.Team names and logos are now shown on match details panel.Matches, heroes, kDA, gPM, xPM, brutalator 5-2.84 1,604 1,384, juggernaut gaming 3-2.07 2,029 2,385.Neutrals now have yellow healthbars when spectating.
Enabled Templar Assassin, Disruptor and Undying in Captains Mode.
Undying: Fixed a mickey mouse outwits the phantom blot bug where Deathlust would sometimes not go away.
Earthshaker: Fixed Echo Slam photo viewer windows 8 app inital damage not hitting units through magic immunity.Dotabuff Plus This feature is only available to Dotabuff Plus members.Additionally, Plus members never see any advertisements!You can send us technical report, and our support investigate this problem.Dota 2 is a registered trademark of Valve Corporation.Luna: Fixed Moon Glaive bounce order.Lycan: Fixed wolves having max speed for their duration after Shapeshift ends if summoned during Shapeshift.Fixed a handful of issues with the message and chat system when watching replays.