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Dungeon siege 3 character builds lucas

dungeon siege 3 character builds lucas

Reinharts abilities with complementing proficiencies are typical of mage.
It all depends on your style of play.Rank Up executioners charge to increase Lucass ability to land critical hits.First bleed your enemies with Wounding Gale Wind Sheer and then cut them down with extra damage of Hemorrhage Blade Dash.Proficiencies Temporal Wake Each time Mirror Leap is used, it stuns the nearby enemies for 1-3 seconds.Spinning Kick 25 Focus Point per use, 74ls138 3-to-8 decoder truth table 1 Power Sphere when empowered.Not much but can be useful when ranked up, you may be ending up using it the most.Dynamic Mastery Enemies hit by Lightning Strike, Mirror Leap, or Electrocute suffer an additional 3 damage per rank.A defensive wall that increases Lucass armor by 20 for 30 seconds.He is good in defense and melee attacks.He can either fight with a sword and shield to effectively counter single targets or when outnumbered he can use his two hands sword to deal maximum damage to multiple enemies and knock them back.Proficiencies, hemorrhage, additional 20 damage per rank to bleeding targets.
You can rank up Temporal Wake to stun enemies nearby as you depart, making it more convenient for you to reach the safe zone or you can rank up Damaging Illusion to keep your enemies busy with your decoy giving you enough time to come.
With 2 talent points invested, it lands a critical hit on any enemy with less than 20 health and so on with each additional rank.
Level 3, lightning Precision/Devastating Criticals, level 4, lightning Precision/Devastating Criticals, level 5, heroic Charge/Lightning Precision/Lightning Precision/Devastating Criticals/Devastating Criticals.Always have Unbridled Wrath and Shield Wall up, with Graceful Repose active as much as possible.Executioners Charge/Force of Will, level 11, reflexive Defense/Wrathful Might.Walkthrough section of this guide for detailed information regarding the answers you should give to gain influence with your chosen partner.Rank it up with Rejuvenating Spark to recover more HP when Inner Warmth is activated.