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Email security appliance comparison

email security appliance comparison

Organizations should look for products that offer sandboxing and threat intelligence capabilities, and that have a published spam detection rate of at least.
Outbreak AV filters typically stop messages that have the asos discount code 2015 characteristics of a virus, such as an executable attachment or a suspicious origin, then review them over the next 24 or 48 hours to see if a signature appears; if not, they notify the user.
Examples include the organization's financial records, healthcare records and intellectual property.Buyers must be aware that this does not imply all gateways are equally effective when it comes to detecting and stopping threats.Of the remaining products, all support DLP, and all but two (Proofpoint Email Protection and Websense Email Security Gateway) support email encryption.An email security gateway monitors emails being sent to an organization for unwanted content, and it prevents these messages from being delivered.In terms of installing a system that will have a minimal impact on end-users, the rate of false positives is more important than the catch rate for spam.The latter gives the admin better control, but may leave them handling dozens or hundreds of requests, depending on the number of users and how stringent the filtering rules are.Similarly, the cloud-based Microsoft Exchange Online Protection product only supports Microsoft Exchange use.An organization should expect any email security gateway to have a 100 detection rate for known viruses because it is easy for the vendor to write antivirus agent provocateur ship to canada signatures to detect them.Next Steps In part one of this series, learn about the basics of email security gateways in the enterprise In part two of this series, find out what the three enterprise benefits of email security gateways are In part three of this series, discover the.What makes an email security gateway product right for a particular enterprise?The Trend Micro products also support sandboxing through an optional add-on called the Deep Discovery Analyzer, and the Sophos Email Appliance supports sandboxing with the addition of Sophos Sandstorm.
As with anti-virus technologies, spam is a moving target, requiring constant updates to filtering rules.Small and medium-sized organizations usually have a strong preference for usability over customization; so, for these businesses, customization may be largely irrelevant.Email security gateway vendors have compensated for this by integrating more advanced detection techniques into their products.As mentioned in criterion #1, the best email security gateway products offer antivirus, antimalware, antiphishing and antispam features.And for large organizations, customization may be more important, so that the product is as effective as possible in detecting and stopping threats.In an ideal world, every email security gateway vendor would publish detailed statistics about their product's typical false positive and false negative rates for each type of email-borne threat.In fact, many email security gateway products are available in two or more of these forms, typically with identical capabilities.The service receives all e-mail sent to your domain and forwards the good stuff to you, filtering out spam and viruses.