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Garmin new zealand maps

garmin new zealand maps

Changed the de ficha de clientes gratis behavior of several dialogs to ignore the degree symbol in user provided coordinate strings.
Fixed problems with items on the map not being drawn properly while real-time tracking.
Added very small and very large symbol size selection.
Changes made from version.0.2: Internationalized MapSource to support multiple languages.Fixed an issue with improper amenities getting displayed for 'Exit Properties' Modified the color used for bathymetric lines.Modified track stats display so that if a track is selected from either the tracks tab or the map window, the statistics display will always show the track stats for the entire track.Fixed an issue with saving as gpx and dxf in the Dutch localization.Changes made from version.06.07: Made various improvements to tide prediction dialog.Added ability to send error reports directly to Garmin after a crash.Changed the name of the dialog used for managing unlocking of Garmin map products from unlock codes to unlock regions.Changed version number to use three numbers.Thus, if the user always has the same devices connected to the same ports, they should not have to search for their device more than once.Split the route dialog into separate via point and driving directions tabs to support improved functionality and ease of use.
Now the program detects that the language file is missing and notifies the user that he or she must reinstall.
Fixed an issue with opening gdb files containing routes with identical names.
S black line, and then exited the route tool using the 'esc' key.Corrected compatibility issues between certain Garmin data cards and MapSource.Support Web Link Extensions in Brazilian Portuguese.Fixed issue where MapSource would fail when the user opened the Product Info with certain map products installed.Fixed a problem that sometimes caused the TDB_product.