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Garmin topo canada dvd

garmin topo canada dvd

Hi, just bought an Oregon 450 and like it a lot!
Is there an upgraded version because this old 2009 version is seriously lacking in detail compared to Track Maps and Backroad Maps DVD's.
Can I use this cd with mapsource and my garmin 296 (by Neal) 1 940.3 years ago 40 Problem installing Topo Canada DVD to PC?
My question is how many versions of Topo maps do Garmin have and what version would printmaster gold deluxe windows 7 you recommend?Many maps (50K scale) are really old for example: the railroad (QNS L) built in the 1950s between Sept-Iles and Shefferville and still in use today (Iron Ore Company) is absent from these maps.(by Terry) 2 1,746.5 years ago 142 Can the entire Topo Canada map be loaded to a SD card?I recently picked these up, can I load the entire topo Canada map on to my sd card and run this software in my Rino 530HCX?Fortunately, they are backed.(by Lucien Perron) 1 1,127.1 years ago 36 Printing maps?
I am looking for mapping for back country skiing in Western Canada.
In addition, you can search for points of interest by name or proximity to your location.What is the height between the contour lines?Garmin Canada Topo Map - 150 for a DVD covering all of Canada, or 86 for an SD card or download covering Canada West.(by Heli Guy) days ago 2?(by Bill Layman) 1 1,110.9 years ago 92 How does the DVD compare to the micro-SD mapping?I would like to create a route in base camp and have in show up on my gps map in the lengend.Thank YOU (by david) 1 956.7 years ago 85 Why are the names of brooks and streams not being given on the map?Is there a book for gps dummies.