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Homeworld 2 map editor

homeworld 2 map editor

So ive played this for a while now and im wondering if there will be any form of a scenario or map editor implemented later (or sooner) like some other strategy games have out there?
This is a graphical frontend for the text-based (i.e., command-line) harpoint/dockpath/marker-point editor, by pipakin.
A Lua decompiler.Arciv Decompiler by Mikail.
A random hull-texture generator.Modified LuaC by Thought.Mikail Wings 3d An open-source modeling program.Used to compile (or decompile?) scripts.Graphics.rot.bmp and.bmp.rot converter by KennyMcCormick.Converts various image formats.DDS.Useful for generating level backgrounds.Dxgm Patcher by Jaen-ni-rin.Use CFHodEdit by 4E534B, instead.OBJ.HOD Importer by Philip "Pip" Kin.Blender Another open-source modeling program.
Complex 10 Map editor / Level Editor.Lua Decompiler (LuaDC) by Age2uN.Location: Czech, you have to edit : deathmatchHWC.Tools Utilities, list of Tools, a stickied thread.I really hope.Scripting, mapping, modeling.HOD Tool by Spooky.For me it gave an error and aborted.MissionBoySE Map editor I use zsuriam Ensign Gender: Age: 30 Joined: Posts: 5 Location: Rybnik So if i want to add additional maps for complex, i need to rebuild complex big file or just simply put them in proper folder and use -overridebigfile?A HOD file editor.Background joe i don't wanna be a player Creation Tool No, it's not finished, yet; but, Crook varan bhai gurdas ji pdf has kaspersky internet security 2013 update distribution released his source code.AVI Converter by Jaen-ni-rin.