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Inazuma eleven episode 128

inazuma eleven episode 128

In the episode 33, he is seen watching Raimon's members.
He is one of the few people in the series to be left footed.Her eyes are in honor of grief.".Ishido Shuuji Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy Gouenji Shuuya Power of Tactics increased by 20 Total TTP decreased.Inazuma Eleven GO In Inazuma Eleven GO, he appeared in Matsukaze Tenma 's flashback, when he saved his life by kicking a soccer ball to the piles of wood that were falling on top of him.She also wears some sort of teal autocad 13 for mac tutorials necklace.After this, Tenma has finally realised that Gouenji was the one who saved him 10 years ago.His whole appearance is not revealed, since mtv unplugged episode 2 songs he was hooded while doing this.In episode 44, he was shocked when he saw Supporter X standing at saru 's side, as he supposedly gave his Time Bracelet in order to protect the soccer.Contents show, profile, inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone "A mysterious girl who appeared before Tenma.For example, when Onigawara told Endou that Kageyama's the one who killed Endou's grandfather, he was about to punch him.
After he was recruited, he still wanted to quit the club, because the soccer club itself was not functioning well, and that Kabeyama Heigorou 's defense was not good as well.He has his two character songs: Honoo no Riyuu and Ashita no Hero (with Shindou Takuto ).He wears two necklaces, one over his white shirt and has two green beads and one orange one.In episode 39, he became the coach of El Dorado Team 03, and chose Tenma as a captain.Later in the same episode he appeared at the Raimon soccer club, bringing the artifact needed to travel to Jeanne 's era and to tell to the club that El Dorado 's doesn't want to banish soccer only, but eliminate it by the most ruthless.Gouenji was later shocked, much like the other members, when he discovered that Fei was actually the captain from Feida 's third team, Garu.