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Intelligent business pre intermediate workbook audio

intelligent business pre intermediate workbook audio

Shotts, Itamar Simonson, Kenneth.
Basic - 30 min Workplace Essentials Profile Test Identifies reliable applicants who possess dependable work ethics.
Intermediate - 30 min LH-step - System for Testing Evaluation of Potential (LH-step) Match an applicant's capabilities to specific jobs by measuring skills potential.
Intermediate - 30 min Job Smarts 3rd Edition Teaches students with low reading levels and special needs how to find, get, and keep a job.Intermediate - 30 min Career Planning Scale (CPS) Helps counselors assess where assistance is needed when working with job seekers.Basic Grammar Aptitude Test Screens applicants for jobs that demand an excellent command of the English language.Intermediate - 1 hr Contact Center Agent Advanced Short Form For entry-level roles in a contact center environment where customer service is the focus Intermediate - 1 hr Contact Center Agent Short Form For candidates applying to customer service entry-level positions in a contact center environment Intermediate - 1 hr Contact.Intermediate - 30 min Dental Assistant/Hygienist Measures customer orientation, work ethic, empathy, teamwork, attitude, etc.Intermediate - 30 min Campbell Interest Skill Survey (ciss) Measure interests, skills and abilities for specific occupational areas.Intermediate - 1 hr Server Solution For entry-level positions in the hospitality industry focused on work ethic, customer focus and sales.Basic, Intermediate 1 hr Telenurse Short Form For positions in a healthcare environment that interact with patients over the telephone.Intermediate Verify Ability Tests Online numerical, verbal, inductive, checking, calculation tests for various positions.Basic - 30 min Numerical Reasoning Test Measures basic numerical reasoning ability and quantitative concepts.Intermediate 1 hr Executive Leadership Portfolio Assess your senior leaders for performance, teamwork, maturity, influence and more.
Intermediate - 30 min Business Communications Writing Sample - General Aids in the assessment of a candidates writing proficiency.
Intermediate, Advanced 1 hr Supervisory Skills Inventory 2 Measures key supervisory behaviors, including employee relations, motivation, planning and organization, problem solving, team building Intermediate - 30 min Supervisory Skills Inventory discontinued - small quantities available, see full page for details.Basic - 1 hr Data Entry le damos pal piso Alphanumeric Split Screen - US Measures the candidate's speed xforce keygen autodesk 2013 32 bit and accuracy at typing text and numbers into forms.Intermediate - 30 min Systems Administrator Job Match Fits/matches competencies/potential with requirements of a specific job.Intermediate - 30 min Bank Manager Test Measures ethics, learning ability, decision making, leadership, customer service and more.Basic - 30 min What Is The Value (US) Masures a candidates money handling ability Basic - 30 min Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude (wtma) Measures basic machines/drawings/spatial and more.Basic, Intermediate, Advanced - 30 min Mechanical Understanding Test A 65-item, 30-minute test of the comprehension of mechanical principles.Basic - 30 min Handling Money For positions where handling money is required on a regular basis.Intermediate - 1 hr Kolb Learning Style Inventory Version 4 Online The Kolb LSI.4 Online differentiates between 9 preferred learning styles Intermediate - 1 hr kolb Team Learning Experience (TLE) Creates a framework for teams to clarify their purpose and improve working relationships.Q-Local Software Stand-alone software for scoring of specific assessment products (i.e.