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Intranet design annual 2012 pdf

intranet design annual 2012 pdf

Iterative and Agile development, user and stakeholder involvement, integrated and linked enterprise tools and content.
The Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) announced today the worlds top 10 intranets of 2017, which includes HelloJetBlue, a recent collaboration between Imarc and JetBlue.For more information, contact Imarc at hello(at)imarc(dot)com.Encana Corporation (Canada a leading North American energy producer.Next, multiply the resulting number.9419 to get the expected intranet support ratio.Imarc ( m ) is an adaptive, full-service digital agency with a strong focus on web, mobile and custom application solutions.Support Ratio: Intranet Team Size Relative to Supported-Organization Size The following formula can help you determine the best intranet team size in relation to the number of employees the intranet is meant to support: Intranet-support ratio.9419 the number of employees-0.972 That is, you take.
Before taking a cue from these winners, be wary about relying on experts for a finite, short-term window, then being game mean muggin dirty left without the in-house expertise needed to maintain and iteratively design new areas of the intranet.Topics, comprehensive case studies of winning intranet designs.This year, we have one winner from this industry.NN/g principals Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman and Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini are world-renowned user experience experts who were advocating human-centered design and usability long before it became popular to.But this year these sectors are back, with 2 winners for the financial industry and one winner for the technology industry.(US a nonprofit social enterprise with a retail infrastructure that funds career services.But more recently, for 4 years straight, winning intranet teams have spent less than.5 years creating their sites; this years average.4 years,.3 months.