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Kohls admin house all gear codes

kohls admin house all gear codes

Brightness.5 - Changes the brightness.
Unblind kohl - Unblinds the player.Unsparkles kohl - Removes sparkles from the player.Unflash - Removes flash effects 112.Goldify kohl - Turns the player maximum exposure tanning providence ri into gold.Unstrobe kohl - Unstrobes the player.Cmdbar - Gives the speaker a command bar 115.Clone kohl - Creates a clone of the player 123.
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Kick kohl - Removes the player from the game.
Jump kohl - Makes the player jump.Visible kohl - Makes the player visible.Over 250 gear codes!Fire kohl - Sets the player on fire.Sit kohl - Makes the player sit.Ntry one Thing.Hoverboard avitational Radiational Hammer.R-Orb.Raig Table.RC Tank!.Dual Plungers apple Hook.Taxi.flaming hedgehog cannon adly Thorn Potion.Black Hole Bomb.Portal Gun.Time Bomb.Black Hole RAY Gun.Zombie Dog.Zombie Launcher ark Launcher.Hyper Laser.Hyper Bike gic Carpet.Hot Air Balloon owball Cannon per Freeze Ray cket Launcher.Raining Tacos x ngman Style.Version - Shows the current version of the admin 120.Also Some Music codes!Trip kohl - Trips the player.Sparkles kohl - Adds sparkles to the player.