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Lfs mods volvo 740

lfs mods volvo 740

You can see the size difference between the two pumps.
When you do this you will know why I chose to toss the original plastic return hose in the trash and use a normal fuel hose with a clamp instead.
It's a weak hose and will rupture with age (if it hasn't already ruptured).
In my opinion I would put the 16V head on your 740 and bigger turbo, intercooler, injectors, fuel pump, 3" downpipe and 3" full exhaust.But it should hold around 17psi which is plenty.Here is the pump assembly out of the tank. .It does not disconnect from the pump assembly (unless you cut jahshaka portable 2.0 baixaki it off). .Electric fan, manual boost controller, cone filter intake, quiet high flow exhaust, and possibly a higher performance cam.This pump retails for between 150 and 200 new. .The 3d game support pc graphic card software hose size is 12 mm if you need to replace it (about 4 feet is needed). .After doing this job a few times and finding how much it sucked, I now choose to cut it off. .
If you need to remove the pump assembly from the trunk area to work on it elsewhere, pull up that plastic cover to the left and you'll find the power and ground connections there that you can disconnect.
Some people have used 3/8 inch hose, but I think it's too small and will be difficult to stretch onto the fittings. .I have also included rightmark cpu clock utility full crack a photo showing these two fuel lines under the car.Keep in mind that the bottom of the new pump needs to be in the same position near the tank bottom as the old pump. .Since the 740 Turbo pump is longer than the old one, the metal feed tube needs to be cut off. .It is also widely available in salvage yards for a lot less, although you should be cautious, because some pumps found in salvage yards may be dead already. .It's not rocket science.See it in the photo?Replace it if it's questionable, since it will only get worse with age. .The two hoses shown here are the main feed line going to the main pump and the return line from the engine. .