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Mentoring programs for adults

mentoring programs for adults

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Training Adult Mentors - determine what adult mentors should be trained on, and decide what the mentor-protoge relationship should include.Let's-Live Life Coaching understands and tries to solve issues which hinder the flow of an young adult's life. .On this page, weve listed a few common concerns you may have.People can help each other find and realize their dreams.This is perhaps not the outcome we are striving for in our youth mentoring programs, but it was certainly considered a glorious and heroic outcome for the people of ancient Greece!Participants in mentor programs, both young and old, share their values and personal goals in a mutually respectful, supportive way which leads to a more enriched life for both.Let's-Live Coaching Mentors and Coaches have helped many young adults uncover obstacles which get in the path to happiness.For optimum results we recommend just searching for one keyword.Telemachus then helps Odysseus slaughter the noblemen who, believing Odysseus dead after 10 years, have begun to flirt with Odysseus's wife, Penelope.Monitoring and Gathering Feedback from Your Mentoring Program - make sure your program remains on track and effective throughout its (hopefully very long) life span.
Maybe you helped a niece or nephew with schoolwork or listened to a youngster who thought nobody cared.
When do you train adult mentors?There are many benefits of such programs for both the mentor and the protégés: Among youth in mentoring programs, there have been recorded increases in: Self-esteem levels, regard for and comfort with members of other races.San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers.Through group activities, mentors identify factors that have shaped their own lives and identities and those of their mentees, with particular attention given to generational differences.The kindness of strangers: Adult mentors, urban youth, and the new volunteerism.Consider what qualities make a good mentor, and how to recognize and recruit people with those characteristics.