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Mercruiser 228 service manual

mercruiser 228 service manual

Therefore, recommended that the seawater section of the heat exchanger be cleaned at least once every 2 years or whenever decreased cooling efficiency is suspected, as follows: important: It may be necessary to remove heat exchanger on some models.
Early models with red wire going to fuse on starterterminal only.Inspect crankcase ventilation hose for cracks or deterioration, replace if necessary.Do not tighten nut at this time.(Figure 8) Be sure that lead makes good contact with frame.A - Drain Plug (1) Figure.Terminal to "g" terminal.Install Oil Pump Alignment Tool (91-75691) thru cistributor hole and into oil pump drive.
Later models may have long thru-bolts also.
Be sure that all gasket surfaces are clean.
Tighten clamping screws and nuts slightly to prevent moving in or out.A - Upper Nut b - Raise.Reassembly (Refer to Figure 1 or 2) All parts, that are marked with the symbol in Figures 1 and 2 must BE reinstalled for alter nator to be properly flame-arrested.(N.m) Battery Cables Securely Driveshaft to Tailstock Flange 50 (68) (Note 2) Driveshaft to Transmission Output Flange 35 (48) Front Engine Plate Mount Securely Hose Clamps bmw m3 challenge iso tpb Securely Powe PowePowe r rr Steerin SteerinSteerin jowell y randy dale pal piso remix g gg Flui FluiFlui d dd Hos HosHos e ee Fitting FittingFitting.Refer to ' Section.Subtract piston diameter from cylinder bore diameter to determine 'piston-to-bore clearance".Place flywheel so that ring gear can be driven off.