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Mercruiser 4.3l service manual

mercruiser 4.3l service manual

Check for twisted and bent connecting rods.
Ensure that all gauge and wiring connections are tight and insulated where necessary.
73919 Page 1B november 2001 service manual number 32 maintenance.
Shut off fuel supply at the gas tank.6C-2 Lubricants / Sealants / Adhesives.Remove the tapered insert in the gimbal housing using the tapered insert tool.Special Notice Servicing the cylinder heads and engine block is the primary concern of this section.If the problem can be duplicated, a mechanical problem exists.TKS module resistance check.Dual water pickups require the flushing attachment (44357Q2) and the flush seal kit, low water pickups require the flushing attachment and side pickups require the flushing attachment.Close the seacock (water inlet valve).3.7 Replace the seawater pump.
Use a spring tester to measure the valve spring tension.
The plastic spacer has not been windows xp professional password reset usb changed and still has the divider between the carburetor throats.
Important: Ensure that the cable is routed to avoid sharp bends and/or contact with moving parts.Permanently mark piston for cylinder to which it has been fitted (refer to Piston Selection) and proceed to hone cylinders and fit remaining pistons.Note: When replacing the spark plug wires, replace one wire at a time to reduce the risk of error.Reconnect the hoses to the water pump.Do not apply excessive amounts of adhesive or sealer.Hold the tool in place with a piece of tape over the barrel retainer.November 2001 Page 1B-43 maintenance service manual number 32 Cleaning Flame Arrestor.Attach a dial indicator to engine block.Page 6C november 2001 service manual number 32 closed windowblinds 8 serial number cooled models Pressure Cap Maintenance The pressure cap should maintain pressure the closed cooling system at normal engine operating temperature.