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My family setup needed lumia 720

my family setup needed lumia 720

Thank you so much for the workaround.
I also removed some of my unimportant app, but its not opening.I let a couple of days pass and I could download it again.Then, nintendo 3ds pc emulator pokemon x and y rom uninstall the application.Yes No 15 Tap on "e-mail accounts".Android uses its internal memory first for downloading, extracting, and installing software.See more questions like this: I am unable to install WhatsApp in Nokia phone People told me that I need to first create a Microsoft account and I did, but it keeps saying "attention required" so I can't download any social network, but.
When I try to download it gives me an error code Try to reenter the Microsoft Account information by going to Recover Your Microsoft Account page.
Yes No Problem related to application?
To clean your phone, uninstall unnecessary applications.Open a new tab and navigate to your Xbox Account.Yes No 4 Swipe left, tap on "settings" and "mobile network".I have tried downloading WhatsApp on my Windows phone, but it brings a message that the application is unavailable for my device.How can I resolve this issue How can I resolve this problem?I think it was caused by: Don't Know Was this helpful?Suggested Solutions (10 what's this?