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Oracle 11g installation steps on solaris 10

oracle 11g installation steps on solaris 10

Please wait.-bash-3.2 warning INS-32008 Oracle base location is in the Home directory.
Solaris Project Creation.
# /usr/sbin/prtconf grep -i "Memory.Between 1 GB and 2.5 times the size of the RAM.#projmod -s -K group.Where to Get Additional Installation Information.Note the name of the mount point directory for each file system that you identified.This blog will game neil strauss epub probably cover all the aspects.PRE installation checks, hardware Requirement, log in as root and perform the following checks to ensure your system is strong enough to host and run an Oracle.See the following section for information about purchasing program licenses.
Dynamic ISM can not be locked.
Alternatively you can download from Oracle e-delivery site.
Again you need to be in root to perform this activities.Oracle constantly laughed at me unless I installed it(Another pain to chase Oracle support to get this patch).All sparc trademarks are used under license and are trademarks or registered trademarks of sparc International, Inc.Newly built solaris the matrix path of neo trainer system will have an oracle user by-default you can use usermod command to modify according to your needs.).Oracle installer checks this as part of pre-req.To learn more about using Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control to administer a database, refer to Oracle Database 2 Day DBA.Configuring network devices and IP address configuration.Dba #projmod -s -K group.Dba If you must change any of the current values, then: To modify the value of max-shm-memory to 6 GB: # prctl -n x-shm-memory -v 6gb -r -i project group.