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Payday 2 update 2

payday 2 update 2

We're proud to announce the first collaboration of 2017 which is with our ninja friends at Flying Wild Hog.
Once more, thank you for your help, you are the best!
Update size: 34,3Mb Update #141 Edit April 12 Green Bridge Minor Fire Optimization We did some changes to the flame particle effects which should make the game run smoother!Boiling Point Fixed so that hostages can enter the server room.Removed invisible collision in the van at the end of the level.Weapons Edit Fixed some issues with the mod preview windows, it will now be more intuitive to use Fixed an issue where the Duckbill barrel extension could be equipped to silenced barrels Fixed so you can preview skins and weapon mods in the preview window.Updated strings for the h3h3 beanies Updated desc for body exp basic and ace Nerfed Body Expertise to 20 and Ace 60 Removed ricochet from April fools event Update size: Unknown Update #135 Edit April 1, 2017 General Edit Fixed an issue with ammo clipping.Undercover Blocked the player from being able to get stuck behind bus driver 2007 game a few collisions.Fixed an issue with the boat clipping and the disappearing.Added a collision above a door where bag could get stuck in an unreachable spot.Do not display next modifier level indicators for modifier pools that have been depleted Added photoimpact x3 activation key voice over when killing a Medic or Minigun dozer Fixed bug where forced modifiers were being added to client's own crime spree Fixed a bug where the Continue Crime Spree.Mission equipment now got transferred correctly when using Stockholm Syndrome aced skill.The choice will now be stealth, short or long heists.
Bomb: Forrest Fixed a box that was placed in a strange angle.The new numbers will be 30 and 90 aced.Levels, aftershock, fixed an issue where it looked like the player AI was hovering above the train wagon.Added an extra Thermal paste case at the end of the level.Fixed so that you can't talk to Sokol through the wall from Bodhi's room.The Diamond - Floating civilian on the middle floor.Added "Safehouse Robbers" Civilians remain intimidated 50 longer moved from Stockholm Syndrome to Forced Friendship.Slaughterhouse Fixed an issue where the wrong cops spawned as harassers.Fixed an issue where you could stand inside of drills on some levels and cops would not shoot you.