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Peak expiratory flow rate diagnosis of asthma

peak expiratory flow rate diagnosis of asthma

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Other aspects of asthma management are presented separately.Asthma was diagnosed by full clinical assessment and was active during the previous year.Br J Dis Chest.After 14 days of 30 mg prednisolone.4, this predicted peak flow festo fluidsim pneumatic and hydraulic 4.2 calculation is based on the revised Nunn and Gregg equation.Wright BM, Mckerrow CB (November 1959).To perform this test: Breathe in as deeply as possible.Introduction, the peak expiratory flow rate (pefr, also known as a peak flow) is the maximal rate that a person can exhale during a short maximal expiratory effort after a full inspiration.They are very important for all patients with asthma, but especially those with moderate to severe disease.
Small changes in your peak flow may not mean significant changes in your lung function.The European Commission (EC) adopted a standard (EN 13826) for peak flow meters in 2004.Also reviewed by David Zieve, MD, MHA, Medical Director,.D.A.M., Inc.There are a number of non-equivalent scales used in the interpretation of peak expiratory flow.rOLE OF pefr monitoring, the optimal role of long- or short-term daily monitoring in the ongoing management of asthma is unknown.This index was 20 (90th centile) in 96 of the normal subjects and or 20 in 89 of the asthmatic subjects.