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Rare earth hypothesis debunked

rare earth hypothesis debunked

Refer to Graph 1 to answer the following questions:. .
What fraction of all main sequence stars can support complex life? .
Student #3: I disagree, if L is too high then the lifetime of the star is too short for complex life to develop on the star.How did you decide which should it be?In other words we want to know: What fraction of the stars in the sky are right for complex life?Label this point Tmin. .Find the location of visible radiation on the stellar radiation frequency axis of Graph. .If you knew how many stars exist for each value of stellar mass, could you better answer the previous question? .Predict whether you think there are more stars, fewer stars or the same amount of stars in our galaxy that lie in the range between Mmin and M or between M and Mmax.
What star is represented by the intersection of the two curves?
In the previous question (B you made an estimate for Lmax2 and marked it on Graph. .They apply this information to graphs representing stellar mass, luminosity, main-sequence lifetime, and stellar abundance in order to approximate how many other planets there may be harboring Earth-like complex life in our galaxy. .Mark the position on the stellar mass axis where the Sun lies. .Mark the position on the main sequence lifetime axis where the Sun lies. .Jupiter protects the Earth from bombardment by comets no hot Jupiter: the solar system is unlike any of the 117 known planetary systems.Thus, only in Hollywood can we expect to encounter a Star Trek universe, populated by diverse races cyberlink media suite 9 ultra keygen of erect bipeds that reproduce sexually.The height of the bar in each bin represents how many stars exist within a specific range of stellar masses. .In this case, each bin represents a range.1M stellar masses. .