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Registration act 1908 pdf

registration act 1908 pdf

Registrars and Sub-Registrars 7, offices of Registrar and Sub-Registrar 8, inspectors of Registration offices 9, military cantonments may be declared sub-districts or districts Repealed 10, absence of Registrar or vacancy in his office 11, absence of Registrar on duty in his district 12, absence.
Karnataka: Following part and sections be inserted: Part IXA Photocopying of Documents 70A.Karnataka: In section 69(1 (i) in clause (g) after the word and figures section 51 insert the words and the manner of recopying getdataback for fat v4.32 keygen such books on portions thereof, (ii) after clause (i) insert as under (ii) prescribing the manner in which and the terms subject.Power to make reddit enhancement suite firefox mac rules part XII OF refusal TO register.Vide Tamil Nadu Act 28 of 2000.And Berar Act 59 of 1949, sec.Short title, extent and commencement.(l) This Act may be called the 1 * Registration Act, 1908.87 and Gujarat.L.O.By Act 48 of 2001, sec.
Omitted (E) Of the Controlling Powers of Registrars and Inspectors-General.
State Amendments Goa: In section 45, (a) in sub-section (1 for the words, letters and figure cause the contents thereof to be copied into his Book.Description of houses and land by reference to Government maps or surveys 22A.If on inspection or otherwise, it is found that the fee payable under this Act in relation to any document which is registered has been insufficiently paid, the deficient fee shall, after failure to pay the same on demand within the prescribed period, be recoverable.Maharashtra: In sub-section (2 in clause (x (a) after the words and figures Agriculturists Loans Act, 1884, insert or under the Bombay Non-Agriculturists Loans Act, 1928; (b) for the words under that Act, substitute under either of those Acts.(1) Except where the refusal is made on the ground of denial of execution, an appeal shall lie against an order of a Sub-Registrar refusing to admit a document to registration (whether the registration of such document is compulsory or optional) to the Registrar.Tamil Nadu and West Bengal: For modifications to sections 60 and 61, see Schedule as inserted by Tamil Nadu Act 21 of 1966 and West Bengal Act 17 of 1978.Vide Registration (West Bengal Amendment) Act, 1981.