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Remove taskbar from second monitor mac

remove taskbar from second monitor mac

Click on the Mission Control preference pane icon and, once its in front of you, uncheck the box next to Displays have separate Spaces.
At least.9 understands what screen is paint shop pro key finder my active one but in this case I never ever want screen 2 to have Spotlight.
I get it's hard to achive it all in a "perfect way" for everyone but the so called "improved" multi-screen features.9 add a number of issue on top of the "fixes".
Youll need to log out and log in each time you do these steps to see the changes.The OS doesn't understand what screen I'm using and the CMD TAB feature shows up on screen 1 or screen.It's not a setting to idly switch on off if you have a very specific setup because it can seriously mess up your workflow.The only way I've found to controll this is by activating the dock on either screen which is a very bad solution.The preference is in an unintuitive place, though.Oavericks treats each display connected to your computer as a separate desktop.If you want it back, just re-check the box.I'd go as far as saying Apple hasn't really fixed anything.9 - only cause more issues and confusing behavoir.Swiching between apps is also bugged.If I open an app from the dock on screen 1, place it on screen 2 close it and again open it from the dock on screen 1 the app will open on screen 1 and not screen.
It's also very confusion that you are required to travel between virtual desktops to use full-screen apps.
This entirely non-sequitor check box will keep the menu bar from showing up on the secondary monitor.The menu bar itself will dim when youre not actively on a specific monitor, as well.Fullscreen apps are often very lacking in funktion, having safari or mail fullscreen renders them on a large screen very very limited compared to "maximized".Log out and then back.As a result, when working with a second display in Aperture.5, the white menu bar will be visible on the second display (even when you are in full screen mode).In other words, if youre using monitor A, the menu bar will look opaque, as per usual, while it will dim and go see-through on monitor.If I now howvever CMD TAB back to mail, the last active window (new mail window on screen 1) won't be active.As noted above, going back to what we had.7 and.8 solves these issues but doesn't solve Apples horrible fullscreen app issues.You only get a menu bar on anything other than your primary monitor if you have.A solution is to open the app from the dock on the display you want.