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Running man episode 174 full

running man episode 174 full

They fail, however, but Jong-kook and Bora choose one potato and pass.
Its not long before they ask her portrait professional crack serial about her married life in England (where her husband plays for Sunderland) and Suk-jin smiles warmly, saying they can keep each other warm.
Teams : Yoo Jae Suk Han Hye Jin Lee Kwang Soo Lee Seung Gi Kim Jong Kook Bora Ji Suk Jin HaHa Song Ji Hyo Gary.Kwang-soo leads Seung-gi inside where their gold prize awaits, and now he explains how he arrived at his answer: the first characters in each clue spelled out Add.Kwang-soo learns that leadership is more than just a title; it has to be earned.The other teams have an advantage to use their deduction skills to eliminate any possible wrong guesses ahead of them.Meanwhile, the eliminated get stamped with the five-digit number we saw earlier (14357) and simply told to remember it well today since itll come in handy.PD sweats before saying it doesnt count.But its still scary to watch the floor fall out from under Jong-kook, whose disappearance spooks everyone.
Ha, the, monday Couple are paired up together, and with the two to a team rule, Haha is forced to choose the last door, where Suk-jin.
Kwang-soo really does make the funniest facial expressions, doesnt he?Which is where Haha and Suk-jin are headed now and they create an alliance with Jong-kook and Bora.Recap from Dramabeans, dailymotion: Part 1, part 2, part.Both teams get it wrong as the Monday Couple and staff members file out of the next bus.Theyre then instructed to choose one of five marked doors, and it looks to me that this is how were going to divide teams today.Meanwhile, Suk-jin sends off four more cast members until its down to either him or Haha for the win.