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Saifullah khan niazi pti

saifullah khan niazi pti

The committee is unconstitutional but that is not the only problem.
Around 300 members of the party met here with PTI Chairman Imran Khan in the chair.
Story first published: 17th September 2016.
The source said that Ali Asghar Khan also did not turn up following a show cause notice had been served on him.A resolution was also passed by the CEC, urging all the state institutions to accord right to vote to millions of overseas Pakistanis, who have been contributing to the country by sending billions of dollars every year as remittances.But to me, it seems the objective was to amend the party constitution and to get approval for an intra-party election process.Earlier today the PTI Youth Wing announced revolt against the partys Secretary General Jahangir Tareen and said it would start a countrywide campaign against the leader.The central executive committee of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Saturday approved a plan to hold intra-party elections on June.Sources say that Saifullah Niazi has distanced himself from the party now.A PTI leader told this scribe that the meeting had approved an interim constitution which would later be approved by the partys elected CEC.The party could not improve its party membership game counter strike extreme v8 since, as the partys former chief full game pcs bioshock infinite election commissioner (CEC) Justice (R) Wajihuddin Ahmed had ruled massive rigging in the party polls.Veteran politician Makhdoom Javed Hashmi and Justice (R) Wajihuddin were among the ones who parted ways from the party over its policies.
Sources within PTI had said yesterday that Saifullah Niazi had forwarded his resignation to party chairman Imran Khan.Another PTI leader was of the view that decisions taken at the jalsa -type meeting of unconstitutional CEC lacks any legitimacy and can be challenged in a court of law.Later, PTI chairman had appointed former bureaucrat Tasneem Noorani, who also left the process halfway due to alleged intervention in the process by some powerful party leaders.The party decided to launch a mass awareness drive across country.It is interesting to note the upcoming general elections are scheduled to be held next year in 2018.The meeting also approved a proposal to form a parliamentary board which would later award party tickets to the partys top contenders so that they could have enough time to run the party campaign in their respective constituencies.The source said that partys other senior members were also in touch with the group.According to reports, Saifullah Niazi had power conflicts with Jahangir Tareen and did not agree with the policy of preferring favourite party workers over veteran workers for posts within the party.Anyone endorsing or participating in this meeting has further damaged efforts to build PTI as a legitimate organisation that can defeat status quo, the party leader added.