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Samurai champloo episode 15

samurai champloo episode 15

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Wondering about the presence of undercover spies in their operation, the gang attempts to piece together who it could be, strongly suspecting that Yatsuha is the spy.
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His constant thirst and desperation for sexual healing manages to stay consistently humorous through the entire episode.XD He looked so cool and quiet and serious in the very beginning, and it's kind of entertaining to see him "not" be cool.Despite the focus on Mugen for most of the plot and jokes, our other two leads thankfully each get their own humorous comedic highlights, specifically Jin swimming and jumping through the pond when fishing and Fuus spontaneous growth in size.Kazuto nakazawa Character Design Shinichiro watanabe Director Tsutchie Music Tetsuro satomi Producer Takatoshi hamano Producer Takashi kochiyama Producer).Company Credits, production Co: Manglobe, see more show detailed company contact information on, iMDbPro ยป.More of Jin's visual basic 6 collection key flaws, haha.The two samurai immediately find a brothel to indulge themselves, immediately finding their attention commanded by a woman named Yatsuha, with Mugen getting the first round with her.They immediately head off to the nearest town to indulge themselves Fuu perhaps going a little overboard.
You know, I have no problem believing that Mugen is *exactly* stupid enough for that trick to work twice.XD But he and Yatsuha do make an interesting pair, haha!Plot Summary, add Synopsis, plot Keywords: prostitute ninja gold female ninja female agent.Edit, storyline, mugen goes under the covers with an undercover investigator who's out to put the smack down on a murderous ring of counterfeiters.Meanwhile, a meeting is taking binomial probability distribution table calculator place in a secret back room between multiple individuals, including the ninja from earlier and their leader, a man named Ginsa.While this is happening, a group of ninja descend upon Jin, but he manages to take them out in one quick strike.He goes in for some sexual healing, with Yatsuha disrupting the moment by knocking him out with a vase.The next morning, Yatsuha thanks Mugen for his help in apprehending the counterfeiters, and Mugen once again goes in for sex, with Yatsuha pulling the look, a naked woman trick again, and Mugen falling for it again, allowing her to knock him out.