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Sap business one books

sap business one books

The results of a successful data-warehousing initiative should include faster decision times, improved information quality, and greater strategic insight.
Manufacturing module of SAP Business One is called light manufacturing because the features are restricted to material, assembly and work orders, and the system has to be integrated to N'ware to get improved marketing module.Enhancements are transported through a well-defined process that moves from DEV to QA for testing, and then to prod, where BI users can access information.It is typically used by SAP power users to create interactive applications that are intuitive for end users to work with.The Query Designer lets a business user take advantage of Online Analytical Processing (olap) features such as variables, hierarchies, and custom formulas called calculated key figures.1, table of contents: you got the key to my heart SAP Business Explorer (BEx) and SAP BI reporting basics.However, SAP customers are weighing their options, and many of them will move from SAP BEx tools to SAP BusinessObjects tools only if the new applications can fill gaps in functionality, rather than making that decision because.This chapter, from the second edition of the book.
You can also visit SAP Press to purchase a copy of SAP BEx Tools - 2nd Edition.
At the end of the day the worst thing a report designer can do is create a less than ideal report that can be cleaned up and enhanced over time.Dashboard and Reports: It is provided for every aspect of business such as customer, sales, cash flow, warehouse stock, bookkeeping etc.SAP Business One ERP provides all the basic modules such as financials, manufacturing, distribution, customer relation management, human resource and work flow.The browser is linked to a specific SAP BI system and allows a user to drill down on a navigational state of a report and save this preferred view of the data for future use.With numerous vendors in the data-warehousing space, BI tools have become standardized into familiar categories that are designed to report, analyze, and present data.Objects for which queries can be created against or executed on using BEx tools are collectively referred to as InfoProviders.See how steel producer Klöckner Co is using real-time insight into key financial data to execute more paint shop photoshop elements transactions faster.Sign in for existing members, enjoy this article as well as all of our content, including E-Guides, news, tips and more.