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Save game darksiders 2 xbox 360

save game darksiders 2 xbox 360

There is no quest giver, nor do you need to activate this quest manually to make the beat hazard pc game gnomes appear.
Death Tombs There are a total of four Death Tombs.
In some areas, you will just have to use the Soul Splitter instead of your Ghosts.To free the Hellguards, you have to shoot their cages.Inside the Soul Arbiter's Maze, each level has two directions you can take.Soul Arbiter's Maze puzzle solutions The Arbiter's Maze is found in the Land Of The Dead, near the City Of The Dead.Stonebites There are a total of 69 Stonebites (34 Stones Of Mystics, 25 Stones Of Power, 10 Stones Of Resistance).Inside the treasury, dive around the northern waters to find a secret underwater tunnel.Lich Spines Area: The City Of The Dead First Floor After leaving the central area and moving through the statue room you cannot yet solve, you will enter a hall through the north door.Mace Of The Everflame Area: The Black Stone Defeat the Samael boss to unlock it in New Game mode.Then, go down the path, and climb the back wall to find another secret area where the weapon is located.You will need the Voidwalker before you can unlock this chest.
Enter the cavern on the left, and continue forward into the large circular chamber ahead.Successfully complete the enemy combat scenario in less than five minutes to get a secret treasure chest to appear.Successfully complete Waves 51-75 of the Crucible.You will need to collect 40 Pages Of The Dead and return them to unlock this optional area.Tearing Time A New One (10 points Collect the Phasewalker.Secret Treasure Chest #3 Area: Foundry First Floor This area will appear while searching for the second Heart Stone.You will be walking backwards if you are locked on her as a target.