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Seagate backup plus portable 500gb review

seagate backup plus portable 500gb review

We recommend getting the largest capacity you can afford right now because youll amass more data over time, and larger drives generally have a better price-per-terabyte value.
We also timed a series of file transfersa.07 GB folder of photos,.7 GB music collection, and.5 GB rip of a Blu-ray moviefrom start to finish, running each transfer three times and determining the average to rule out performance hiccups.(Make sure not to buy the 4 TB Seagate Backup Plus.The 1 TB capacity is a better value nero 9 startsmart essentials per gigabyte, but we recommend the 500 GB model because most people dont want to spend more than 350 for a drive.However, the encryption and unlock software is available only on Windows, key west electric love macOS, and Android, so if you want to use jetpack joyride gameplay soundtrack the drive on a computer with another operating system, you wont be able to encrypt.Mechanical hard drives arent likely to get much faster, so until high-capacity SSDs become even cheaper, the hard drive you get today will be your best bet for the next three or four years.It costs less per terabyte than the 2 TB Backup Plus Slim, and it was a little faster in some of our tests, but its twice as thick, almost twice as heavy, and was slower in important multifile transfer tests.After three years, the failure rate spikes.8 percent per year due to a combination of random failures and aging parts.But it was slower in our multifile music and photo transfer tests, and the 4 TB drive is much thicker and heavier than the Slim.So we tested the ruggedness of the drives by tossing them into a pool 3 feet deep and leaving them there for 29 minutes, and then dropping them from a height of 4 feet on each face, edge, and corner.(While its true that any drive is compatible with both Windows and Mac, most drives come preformatted for Windows out of the box.) Non-Linux computers can use four main file systems : ntfs, HFS, FAT32, and exFAT.The LaCie Rugged USB-C fails to qualify for a rugged pick on the same grounds.
The newly redesigned Western Digital My Passport is bigger, heftier, and more expensive than the Slim.But until the drives reported failure rate lowers, we cannot recommend.The AES-256 encryption process / password protection works seamlessly (unlike the T1, where the unit had a separate FAT32 partition even in Android.Even if it does, data recovery services are never a sure thing.The MyDigitalSSD OTG is similar to the Samsung T3 in size, weight, and speed, but the drive casing feels creaky, and its USB cable has a bulky ferrite bead in its center.However, it costs about ten times more per gigabyte than the Seagate Backup Plus Slim does, so it isnt affordable for most people.Its less than half an inch thick and about as long and wide as a credit card.Interestingly you can also automatically save your social photos and videos from either Facebook or Flickr.Its also difficult to spot fake or solicited reviews (e.g.The Backup Plus Portable was a little faster than the Backup Plus Slim in the HD Tune benchmark, entering results of 100.6 MB/s read and.5 MB/s write12.8 MB/s and.7 MB/s faster, respectively, than the Slim.