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Secret service agent requirements

secret service agent requirements

Special agent, on the other hand, has a starting secret service agent salary of around 44,000 to 75,000.
Outlook Compared to other federal law enforcement agencies, the Secret Service is small.
When Jarvis is not on a protective assignment, he spends his time investigating a variety of crimes.
This salary can increase to around 31,000 and 39,000 after being in service for five to ten years.Which professional fighters have you trained with?During presidential campaign years, agents typically serve three-week protective assignments, work three weeks back at their field offices, and then start the process over again.They are compensated with a law enforcement availability pay (leap which is equal to 25 of these federal agents grade and step.Further, your school must sign a working agreement with the Secret Service.A police officer makes around R18,783 per month, while a police captain takes home R41,917 per month.No, we would watch the President shoot around and watch the games.
Specialized training includes skills such as fire fighting and protection aboard airplanes.
Currently he is a special agent once again in the Salt Lake City office.The Secret Service agents salary in the country for new agent ranges between AU71,020 and AU96,389.The field office in your area should be listed in the government section of your telephone book.Top officials in the Secret Service are appointed to Senior Executive Service (SES) positions; they do not receive the availability pay.The Financial Crimes Division aids special agents in their investigation of electronic crimes involving credit cards, computers, cellular and regular telephones, narcotics, illegal firearms trafficking, homicide, and other crimes.During those times, he serves as a member of a team of special agents who work to ensure there is always a protective bubble, a 360-degree virtual boundary of safety, surrounding the person they are protecting, regardless of whether he or she is.