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Secret worlding patch information

secret worlding patch information

Orders from yesterday morning that were placed before the Exchange was taken down should remain intact.
Initiate Jacket, Dragon should now have the correct thumbnail for each gender.
Patron Highlights, patrons will now receive 1 bonus AP whenever they gain an AP through.
Fixed an issue that could cause the health value for bosses to display incorrectly on the client.Gaining AP or SP when above the cap will no longer set you back to the cap.The exchange will allow those players to convert their recently purchased Funcom Points to Aurum.Known issue: If you attempt to create too many orders in a short period of time, you may be blocked and receive a blank feedback message.Fixed a case where upgrading capstones produced some odd behavior in the ability purchase window.Darkness War, hell Raised, hell Eternal, the Ankh.Anyone that purchased both the Active and Passive of the same weapon for Aurum will have 400 Aurum reimbursed per set of pages they bought.
Also known as Ground Zero, the events that took place here are what set everything you know into motion.
Players will receive a guaranteed extraordinary item for the first dungeon drive genius 3 mac keygen they complete each day.
Creepy Zebra mask should now be visible in the Dressing Room.Last but not least, were happy to announce that PayPal is available as a payment option!Fixed an odd interaction with the loot box UI after purchasing additional dungeon, scenario, or lair keys.General: Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause the Use icon to become stuck on screen.Extra Life t-shirt, blue should now have the correct thumbnail for each gender. The scales have tipped.