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Soul eater anime episodes

soul eater anime episodes

Soul Eater is jam packed full of action, sci-fi, adventure, and ps3 3.55 jailbreak update comedy.
My sister also introduced me to this awesome anime.
The characters are great (except for Excalibur especially Stein and Death the Kid.
SO many maka AND soul moments that should have made THE anime more romantic!The plot is good too, but it may take a bit to get used too.However, things start happening in the school, so while they learn to harness their abilities, they start dealing with the incidents one by one.So they dig down into the Earths crust.This show also dips heavily into the action, supernatural, and sci-fi genres.To watch them grow is amazing." (also soul eater joke).
Not to be forgotten, the main characters from Soul Eater, such as Masa, Black Star, Soul Eater, etc.
Befriending them, he sets out on a mission to find out more about these hollows and the death god lifestyle.She is then promptly pulled from school in the real world and sent to the Death Weapon Meister Academy, where she is to learn how to be a proper weapon and exist in everyday life.It's full of adventure and it leaves you wanting more at every corner!It even teaches you lessons about friendships and what not.In the end, it's a great anime and its great to watch in between binge watching another show!But dwma isn't exactly what he expects.Heck I don't see why DBZ is up at the top when all that show does is talk talk talk and takes 5 dang episodes to power up 1 move!I could watch this show over and over for the dramatizations.