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Sql server add 1 month to current date

sql server add 1 month to current date

That document didnt show up in search for me anywhere and it is under the Develop section of the Azure information site. .
I like the Silverlight management interfaces via the web that I can get a snapshot of my datbase at anytime and they even display query performance on the dashboard which is cool. .
Migrating Databases to SQL Azure. .
Let me provide a connection to my existing database and just magically create the Azure one for me that would have been awesome.Once my migration was complete, everything in SQL Azure is working with my app as expected and the tools are familiar to me to do any maintenance on the data that I need. .This takes a few minutes to propagate so Id do this first. .In the end I found what I needed in the following tools that were essential. .The syntax for the dateadd function in SQL Server is as follows: dateadd (datepart, number, date) "datepart" is the interval type you wish to add or subtract for example day, month, year, hour, minute, second.The first link on that site shows to download ssme R2 RTMbut the migration wizard requires SP1 and without it youd see an error message about some missing SQL types (Smo).My web app doesnt use an admin user so I wanted to make sure I had a correct login for that. .The migration wizard seems like a first approach, but didnt work as smooth as a one-stop solution for mehopefully it does for others. .
04, 2008, last week I posted how to use date_add in MySQL to add intervals to dates and today I will do the same but for Microsoft SQL Server using the dateadd function.The number is the amount game pocket tanks 3 of datepart units to add or subtract.I only found out about that link from my friend Peter Laudati. .Why didnt I just read this document (dont you hate me for putting that last) that walked me through similar steps (minus migration wizard)? .Scott Guthrie about the reduction in pricing on some.Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (rdbms).