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Starfire protocol vs sunbreakers

starfire protocol vs sunbreakers

This grenade is very situational, but in its niche its a very good grenade.
When this grenade hits something, it leaves behind a damaging solar flare which will deal 196 damage per tick to non-majors and 163 damage per tick to majors.
If you ask me, the Voidfangs are a better choice for PvP.
This is important for reasons that will be covered when I get there.Radiant Skin gives you an additional 20 damage resistance while in Radiance, effectively giving you 220 health.True, vendor, true, template: Source, talk, this page was automatically created/updated by our.The grenade itself will do 2281 damage from the explosion, and an additional 1059 damage from being stuck to an enemy for a total of 3340 damage per grenade.The targeting is still limited to three people.Now to chess games for pc that Ive explained those, let me tell you that Gift of the Sun and Radiant Will will typically be a better option than the combination of Viking Funeral and Touch of Flame.Solar Armor Increased Armor when using a Solar-based subclass.Infuse Consume a more powerful piece of Armor to boost the Defense value of this Armor.Stacked with Flame Shield, youre a tank.Grenades, as a Sunsinger, you have three grenades.This means that RW boosts the duration of Radiance by about.
Heart OF praxic fire PvE : Use this whenever you can.As you probably already know, these are the Firebolt, Solar, and Fusion grenades.Ultimately, it's an okay, exotic only worth it if you main Sunsinger.(See: Crotas End HM, Nightfalls) Everywhere else, if that bar stays yellow in battle, youre doing it wrong.Your grenade recharge is just too sluggish.This grenade has the unique ability to crit.It restricts your grenade choice, and the burn damage you get from not taking Gift is worthless in PvP and negligible in PvE.