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Student rates of pay - effective january 1 2013

student rates of pay - effective january 1 2013

This would normally be done in the same circumstances in which board and lodging would be provided to indeterminate employees.
Any personal information collected will be administered in accordance with the.
3.2 Hours of work, the delegated OCI manager shall set the student's hours of work consistent with the OCIs Terms and Conditions of Employment.Students enrolled at a university in a pre-university year are to be remunerated at the college/cegep level.Department of Employment and Social Development Act, the, privacy Act and other applicable privacy laws governing the protection of personal information under the control of the Department of Employment and Social Development.For assignments requiring secondary school education, delegated OCI managers may offer the assignment to post-secondary students and pay them the secondary school rate of pay only when secondary school students are not available.Your participation is voluntary.Appendix A - Student Rates of Pay ).The delegated OCI manager may pay the student a travel allowance of up to the value of a "round-trip" daily or monthly public transit fare, whichever is less, between the student's school, work site and home, or the reverse.The rate of pay selected should allow for a meaningful progression in the salary range on subsequent assignments.
3.5 no impact man audiobook Acting pay, students are not entitled to acting pay.
Financial Administration Act and the, government Employees Compensation Act.3.11 Bereavement leave Every student shall be granted bereavement leave for a period of up to three consecutive calendar days, to include the day of the funeral, when a member of the immediate family dies.Students may be paid at any step above the minimum rate in the following circumstances:.1 When the students are re-employed (as defined by the Public Service Commission for the purpose of recruitment and referral of students.2 When the students have relevant previous work.Student Employment Programs in the Federal Government.Such leave is to be without pay for the first three months of continuous employment, and with pay thereafter.The stipend should reflect the corresponding hourly, weekly or monthly rate established for other post-secondary students for their 2009 suzuki gsxr 600 owners manual completed years in their current field of study.Students who: have completed a university degree, and continue their studies at a college in a related field of study are to be remunerated at the step in the salary range for university undergraduate studies which is not less than the salary earned in the.If the student is re-assigned to another area of the OCI or public service before the end of the period for which compensation had been paid, he or she shall repay that part of the compensation representing the time from the date of re-assignment.