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Tomb raider 2013 save game

tomb raider 2013 save game

Tomb raider save files page to download the save file(s) you want.
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Dat) and the autosaves you've made so far the fierce wife final episode (save1.dat, save2.dat and save3.dat).If you download one of my saves, you should have every item and upgrade I've found/unlocked up to that point but, as far as I know, my gameplay does not count toward your achievements or toward unlockable Extras like concept art and character models.10/27/13 - Updated section on the number of save slots, which changed from 3 to 99 with the March 25 patch.I just forgot to add the info sooner.These savegame files are coded so that the game program can "read" them.For other Tomb Raider games, see here.A.zip file is like a digital "envelope" containing other files.
Solution FOR corrupted autosave: If you try to load one of my saves and the game tells you the file is corrupted, this may be because you attempted to manipulate the save files while the game was running.
Close all open windows and open Steam.These instructions apply to the Steam installation of the game under Windows.Social media icons by, rogie King.Open the following folders on your PC (each folder is inside the previous one For 32-bit Windows: Computer Windows (C Program Files Steam userdata xxxxxxxx 203160 remote.Choose the slot that corresponds with my save, and click.Un-check the option to 'Enable Steam Cloud synchronization'.Every time you pass a checkpoint while playing.This page pertains only to the Windows PC version of tomb raider.If you get stuck and don't have a recent save of your own, you can download one of mine.Go to your games Library.