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Top chef season 10 episode 7

top chef season 10 episode 7

Stefan, johns white gazpacho with Spanish chorizo, gooseberries and sweet grapes gets a little bit of criticism for the chorizo overpowering the dish. .
Then, in the Elimination Challenge, the chefs must transport themselves back in time and create a dish that tells the story of who they were 10 years ago.
After a moment of mourning for dearly departed Eliza, the weeks competition kicked off with the kind of cruel, creative.Someone mutters, Thats the bottom. .Top Chef for managing to make this one interesting despite that rampant product placement.Josie selects Lizzie, which is silly because Lizzie windows 7 32 bit ultimate is actually pretty darn formidable. .But in the top were Sheldon, Kristen, Josie, Bart, Stefan, and Danyele, but in the tippy TOP were Danyele, Kristen, and Sheldon. .Stefan made a tuna with an Asian vinaigrette, and Gail says that she thinks he did a wonderful job, but that she didnt get enough gooseberry. .I mean the man even used his head to shape the foil into a cooking vessel. .As one of the older chefs there, I suppose Stefan had to call-out the one other guy his senior, because lets be honest, thats the only thing he has on John at this point. .And right they were. .The winner of the challenge will get 10,000.As Danyele exits with the utmost class, Stefan and Josie are bringing balance back to the Force by engaging in some childish mudslinging back in the Pantry of Doom. .
Got into a dumb spat over a blender, and Josie came in out of nowhere at the end of the episode, picking a fight with Stefan about which of them had acted more rudely in the stew room.
The joys of summer and the misery of overthinking were brought to bear on last night's.
John and Stefan spent the hour at each others throats, sniping endlessly about frozen tuna and who threw who under the proverbial bus.And Stephanie says that Kristens berries macerated in olive oil was one of her favorite things.Im telling you, it may just be Kristen to win the whole thing. Will the judges ever be able to chastise a chef ever again for using frozen fish?The confection wasnt much to look at, but Stephanie and Padma raved about its taste and if nothing else, xilisoft audio converter crack Kristens dish was a lot more ambitious than anything put out by any of her competitors.The episode opens with the chefs revisiting what they did right and drastically wrong in the previous episode. .Bart had a blackberry soup with salmon and rhubarb yogurt. .Maybe Stefan can make this interesting and give John a run for his money. .