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Tricks of the trade macro pvp

tricks of the trade macro pvp

You must not have a bow equipped in your ranged slot!
cast stealth Cheap Shot; Kidney Shot Flee Edit This is a good macro if you want to get away from some mobs quickly.
#showtooltip /use Instant Poison /use 16 This is a simple one-click macro that applies Deadly Poison to your offhand.ToT.' Tricks of the gpg dragon box setup v3.35 Trade nil print Tricks of the Trade set to : '.The default image should be question mark so it will show the tool tips for the finisher you are about to use.By Shxdxws - Vek'nilash Works.0.1 Feint Evasion w/o Global CD Edit #showtooltip Evasion /cast Feint /cast Evasion Use: Triggers Feint and Evasion simultaneously, since Feint doesn't trigger the global cooldown.Handy if you want to keep a bow/gun/crossbow equipped due to better stats.#showtooltip modifier:shift Eviscerate;modifier:ctrl Envenom; Expose Armor /cast modifier:shift Eviscerate;modifier:ctrl Envenom; Expose Armor With this macro if you look at the icon using the question mark the icon and tooltips for Expose Armor will be default, pressing and holding shift will allow use of Eviscerate and.#showtooltip /cast Kick /stopmacro helpdead /run c"Kicked t"if UnitInRaid player then SendChatMessage(c, "raid elseif GetNumPartyMembers 0 then SendChatMessage(c, "party end.This is useful for situations such as the Flame Wreath in the Shade of Aran encounter where you have to spend prolonged periods in front of a mob unable to move behind it to Backstab.Additionally, if you are trying to attack a target with Blessing of Protection on you, it will be automatically taken off of you, to let you melee attack.
#show 16 /equipslot 16 (name of your dagger) /equipslot nostealth, equipped:Dagger 16 (name of your Sword/mace/fist weapon) Dismount and stealth Edit See Dismount and stealth - Rogue Macro Switch main and off hand Edit This macro will swap the weapons equipied in your main and.Works with.0.3a - M0kin ( talk ) 10:19, April 16, 2011 (UTC) Weapon Targetted Poison Macros Edit This is a simple one-click macro that applies Instant Poison to your mainhand.You may remove this if preferred.Having both macros will allow you to use fewer action slots for other items or skills and use the one you want at any given time.#showtooltip Tricks of the Trade /cast targetfocus, help Tricks of the Trade Remember to select your Focus by right-clicking on the toon's character portrait and selecting "Set Focus".If this works correctly you will see their portrait and mana bar on the lower left hand side of your screen.#showtooltip /use mod:ctrl, mod:shift Anesthetic Poison;mod:ctrl, mod:alt Deadly Poison; mod:alt Crippling Poison;mod:ctrl Mind-numbing Poison;mod:shift Wound Poison;Instant Poison /use btn:1 16; btn:2 17 Note: This macro will not function as intended if you are using higher-rank poisons and do not include rank numbers.It can be adjusted for swords by changing noequipped:Maces to noequipped:Swords.Note: You need to switch your off hand weapon first only if you have a "Main Hand" weapon in your main hand.