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Vampire diaries season 3 episode 17 english subtitles

vampire diaries season 3 episode 17 english subtitles

Tyler enlists Sheriff Forbes help to rescue Caroline.
Stefan learns Klaus and Rebekah are running from Mikael, a vampire hunter.
Sage and Finn reunite, but Matt stakes and kills Finn with the white oak wood.When his magic uneraser 3.1 registration key ring brings him back to life, it is revealed it isnt working the same way it was and it does not fully heal him.However, the hieroglyphics Alaic finds in the cave tell them it was actually Klaus that killed their mother.302 The Hybrid, klaus attempts to turn an entire werewolf pack into hybrids.Klaus saves Caroline by giving her his blood, and Jeremy leaves Mystic Falls after being compelled by Damon.Damon finds a surprising ally in Mikael.Matt commits suicide so he olympic games 2012 font can see his sister Vicki again.Katherine steals Elenas necklace she received from Stefan when she finds out that it can contact the the Original Witch.
Elena and Alaric to go to Tennessee in search of Stefan and Klaus in an attempt to bring Stefan bank. Tyler and Sheriff Forbes are successful in rescuing Caroline from Bill.Bonnie and Abby are helping Esther complete the spell, but Damon turns Abby into a vampire, thereby making it impossible for Esther to carry out her plan, and she leaves town with Finn.Klaus confesses his feelings for Caroline, who is unimpressed, and Matt finds himself in danger when Kol and Rebekah get into a conflict.But to Carolines horror, he decides not to complete the transition.Katherine shows up and kills the witch to save Stefan.Alaric kills Esther and decides not to complete the transition, but Esther manages to compel Bonnie to feed Alaric her blood, thus turning him into a vampire.While staying at a motel, Elena and Damon share a steamy kiss, which is interrupted by Jeremy.