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Visual basic 2010 program samples

visual basic 2010 program samples

Msdn sample programs online: how to get at'em.
It illustrates how to do dynamic queries on city attributes, where cities on a map are filtered immediately as a person moves a slider or checks a checkbox.
The second shows how one can dynamically create controls at run time (the items on the palette how controls can be positioned at runtime, and how controls can be resized when the window is resized.Author unknown S Capturing bitmaps: A BAS library for capturing various portions of a screen.The first one is only about 6 lines of code, and just illustrates some very basic graphics and event handling.Chris Bradley, 581 student xparent.It does not scale its size, and I did not spend any time doing all the things that one normally does to package up a control.Saul Greenberg vbSketchpads Illustrates two simple sketchpads.Saul Greenberg vbclassexample Illustrates how to create a simple class that raises events Saul Greenberg vbFlexdata-example Illustrates a database with the flex control.
See Tutorial 2 for step by step instructions for how these programs work.Zip This example includes a user control that will move itself towards any other control.These tutorials contain step by step graphical guides to several visual basic programming concepts and tools.You can easily extend this to include different graphical classes.g., circles, lines, etc., or to any interactive graphics.Mike, rounding, james, tam # 2, introduction to Visual Basic Part.Mike Rounding, alcohol 120 trial resetter james Tam # 4, accessing databases using the Data Environment control, mike Rounding James Tam # 5 Creating a simple HelloWorld ActiveX control in Visual Basic Saul Greenberg # 6 How to register your ActiveX Controls on the Computer Science machines Mike Rounding.The database just has two fields: name and phone.Feel free to improve it and pass it on to the class.Rod Stephens vbDragPicture Illustrates how to Bitblit a picture on another picture, and how to drag it around.